You do you, boo. We are firm believers in enjoying Love Cork Screw wines the way you want, whenever and however you want. As long as you’re vibing with what’s in your glass, we are Here. For. It.

While most wineries don’t include nutritional info on their back label, we do. Because let’s face it, we have enough hoops to jump through these days and finding the nutritional info on your favorite wine shouldn’t be one of them.

If there’s one thing Love Cork Screw owner Chrishon Lampley has a knack for, it’s discovering great, quality vineyards from around the world and bringing it all together under the trusted Love Cork Screw label. Whether it’s a crisp ‘Good Times Good Friends’ Pinot Grigio kinda Happy Hour or an impromptu BBQ with neighbors, we got you!

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How it all

The work of one badass Black woman from Chicago, Love Cork Screw is more than just wine. It’s a whole mood.

No matter the setbacks or the impossible odds stacked against her, this strong-willed Chicago-native doesn’t have time for doubts or giving up. When things go sideways, that’s when you can expect Chrishon to be at the top of her game. And that’s exactly how the story of Love Cork Screw began.

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