The work of one badass Black woman from Chicago, Love Cork Screw is more than just wine. It’s a whole mood.

If you look up the word “tenacious” in the dictionary, there’s a good chance you’ll find a picture of Love Cork Screw owner, Chrishon Lampley.

No matter the setbacks or the impossible odds stacked against her, this strong-willed Chicago-native doesn’t have time for doubts or giving up. When things go sideways, that’s when you can expect Chrishon to be at the top of her game. And that’s exactly how the story of Love Cork Screw began.

how it all started

It was Christmas morning when Chrishon got the call. A freak flood in the building of Chrishon’s thriving Chicago art and wine bar that she had co-founded several years prior had destroyed everything. When an insurance loophole didn’t cover the damages, Chrishon was forced to shutter the business. Finding herself back at ground zero, Chrishon’s instinct to pick herself up and figure out what was next kicked into high gear. She had been running a lifestyle blog and radio show for fun called, Love Cork Screw, where she frequently shared advice and tips on wine, entertaining, and relationships. In the aftermath of the flood, it dawned on Chrishon that Love Cork Screw was more than just a blog, it was a brand; her brand.

Love Cork Screw encompassed all the things that Chrishon was passionate about bringing together and sharing with others. And just like that, Chrishon’s mission to reinvent how we think about and experience wine was set in motion.

With more than 1 million bottles of wine sold nationally to date, a line of wine scented candles and self-care products, and an online marketplace dedicated to the sale and promotion of home goods and products exclusively made by people of color, Chrishon’s vision for Love Cork Screw is as relevant today as it was when she launched the lifestyle brand in 2013: “Love Cork Screw is more than just wine. It’s a whole mood.

meet our team

Chrishon Lampley

Queen Vino

Christian De’Mar

Chief Wine Shooter

Daryl Murphy

Lead Cork Counter

Ikeda Lockhart

Sergeant at Wine

CaLinda William

Chief Wine Enthusiast

Nejatt Abdelrahman

Grape Mover

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